Hello world!

Welcome to my blog about letting go.

Letting go of???

Things, feelings, habits, people… Lots of work on, but I’ll start this blog with what is front and centre in my life:


I’m a packrat… albeit an organized one – I can tell you where everything is, and why I have it. But the reality is, I don’t need it all. So time to let go.

It’s HARD work. Lots of emotional baggage to process…

Here are some questions that are helping me:

1.Would I pay to move this to Australia?

I’ve been playing with the idea of spending some time down under so when I came across this question in a book on getting organized, I glommed on to it. And no, books are too heavy to move, so I’m donating them to a fundraiser book sale. New homes for them and money for a worthy cause. That feels good. Besides, I can always get books to read from the library.

2. Have I used it in the past year?

I can’t remember the last time I used the ironing board… so out it goes. Along with anything that needs ironing. If something needs ironing, I don’t use it. But I will keep the iron… just in case… and assess again in a year.

3. What does it mean to me?

If I am surrounded by lots of books, this means I am a smart person… right? There’s an idea I need to let go of. Having pet things (dog leash, cat brush) even though I no longer own neither? That means I might get one (or both) some day again… But when I do, I’ll get what I need.

4. Does it make me smile?

The acid test – a gut feeling I’m learning to enjoy. if I put a shirt on and it doesn’t make me smile, feel good inside, out it goes. Let someone else find pleasure with it. Put on something that is my favorite.

When I’m ready to let go, I take a digital photo of the object. This feels a bit crazy, but it helps.

Next time I’ll add some links I’ve found useful.

In the meantime I’m going to have a cup of sunshine tea and relax in the one room that is now clutter free.


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