The Free Letting Go Ebook by Leo Babauta

Found this as I renewed my ‘vow’ and determination yet again to lighten my load, and simplify my life.

Thank you Leo!

How to develop the skill of Letting Go:
1. Noticing Signals: When you are holding onto something that is harmful, it shows up in various little signals, symptoms like anger or procrastination. Seeing those signals as they happen is the first mini-skill.
2. Seeing the Ideal: What ideal are you holding onto that is causing the signal?
3. Seeing the Harm: Is the ideal causing you to suffer, harming your relationship, keeping you from being happy?
4. Letting Go with Love: If the ideal is causing harm, then letting go is an act of love and compassion.
5. Seeing Reality: Now that you’ve let go of an ideal, turn your attention to reality and see it as it is. Accept this, and respond appropriately.
Excerpt From: Leo Babauta. “The One Skill ebook.”

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