About me and this…

My mind is addicted to writing, and my body craves self propelled outdoor activities; I’m happiest with a balance of both.

This blog is a collection of reflections on my journey to let go of the past: people, places, events, and things – keep only what gives pleasure.


8 Responses to About me and this…

  1. Hi Cathy. Always lovely to see you dropping by my isle.
    Do you keep up with writing?

  2. Love your images, and imagery…
    I am in edit mode; two hours most days, when the sun and moon and stars line up!

  3. Thank you for your regular visits Cathy ☼ I miss your posts. Are you writing and editing?

  4. Mary Lennox says:

    Many thanks for reading and liking my blog. I really appreciate it.

  5. Greetings, Kathy. Wishing you well. ☼

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