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Snow flames

Looking for the emotional fire in a snow storm of words. Task 4 in “Nail Your Novel,” is a structural survey. This scene by scene review makes me realize maybe 75% of what I’ve written isn’t needed!!!!

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good-bye to old faithful…

9 years of yeoman service, through puddles and falls. It will be recycled, I keep reminding myself, it’s okay to buy a new one… The battery isn’t worth replacing… I haven’t succumbed to advertising and peer pressure… so many mental … Continue reading

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Distracted… and now lost…

Searching for the balance between control, and letting go of everything: all rules, habits, expectations, desires, hopes?

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Distracted by the blueberry bonanza in my backyard.

Have started work on a beat sheet (task 8, Nail Your Novel,) getting ready for a writing workshop in three weeks. I’m listening to recordings I made of my WIP while foraging for berries, trying to grasp the main point … Continue reading

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Draft #??

being read by a beta reader… mixed emotions waiting for the review…

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June Blooms

Fragile, fleeting, orchids in my backyard blueberry patch.

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